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Running Mechanics Training

Many running performance issues and injuries that runners suffer from are caused by poor running technique and weakness of specific muscles of the core and legs. We analyze how you run and test different muscles to find out if these areas are contributing to speed loss or injury. From weekend warriors to Ultra Marathoners, we can all benefit from having someone else analyze the way we run.

Running is repetitive, and if your mechanics are not right, then you are at risk for acquiring an injury. Our running mechanic training program is designed to prevent those overuse injuries before they sideline you from the pavement, trail or treadmill.

Every Step Counts

Our physical therapists and athletic trainers specialize in analyzing your run and making modifications to allow you to add up the miles without having to worry about pain being the reason you stop. If you are experiencing running pain, then we invite you to request a FREE Pain Assessment or simply schedule an appointment with one of our Lake Charles physical therapists. We will get you back to running the roads pain-free in no time!

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