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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is an evidence-based rehabilitation and fitness/wellness system that allows a patient or athlete to have the same or better benefits in therapy or training with less intense efforts. Inflatable bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms or legs to safely slow the blood flow in the limb. The bands are inflated to individualized pressures, and then light-weight exercises are performed. Because of the slowed blood flow, these low resistance exercises produce the same muscle "burn" effects comparable to intense anaerobic training. Basically, your body is tricked into thinking it has performed a much more intense workout using lighter weights.
BFRT is great for people who have had a recent surgery or require low impact exercises due to age or injury. This technology provides maximum benefits without the wear and tear on the body caused by traditional high intensity workouts and athletic training.


Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training

Gain More While Doing Less

One of the biggest benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is the ability to achieve the same results from low intensity resistance exercises as those achieved through high-intensity resistance training (i.e., weightlifting). With BFRT, you use much lighter weights. This makes it ideal for people that cannot lift heavy weights due to injury, age or other factors.

Increased Strength and Muscle Size

Even though very light weights are used, BFR training increases protein synthesis similar to traditional strength training. The increase in protein synthesis combined with reduced muscle damage puts the body in the best possible position for building lean muscle. Because BFRT causes less muscle damage, gains have been observed faster than in traditional strength training.

Anti-Aging Effects

Blood Flow Restriction Training stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which helps promote growth of lean muscle. BFRT produces a “systemic effect” due to the hormonal release into the body’s circulatory system. While only arms and/or legs may have been under restriction, the hormonal release into the blood stream goes everywhere and benefits any are of the body that was exercised (core, back, etc). Doing low intensity workouts with BFRT allows you to get the maximum benefits without the wear and tear on your body.


Blood Flow Restriction Training at MAXX Physical Therapy allows individuals recovering from a hard workout, competition, or injury to maintain physical fitness, increase strength, and reduce atrophy. By limiting blood flow to the muscles, users can work the muscles without placing excessive weight on the limb. If a part of the body is comprised from being able to tolerate normal training, BFRT may provide an alternative form of training to still fatigue the body without added stress. In addition, the systemic aspect of BFRT means that non-compromised parts of the body may be trained as normal, so instead of sitting around waiting for the body to repair itself, you can actively produce an anabolic release (i.e. Growth Hormone, etc) that benefits all parts of the body. For injury recovery, always consult a qualified medical professional for proper care and guidance.


Ready to try BFRT?

Blood Flow Restriction Training at MAXX is ideal for individuals of all ages and abilities. Our treatments allows users to exercise safer, smarter, and with better results than any other method available today. Please contact MAXX Physical Therapy today for more information about blood flow restriction training.

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