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Free Pain Screens

Uncertain about why you are hurting? Don't know if you need a PT, chiropractor, general practitioner or surgeon? We can help! Our FREE 5-15 minute pain assessment consists of asking you questions and possibly performing some simple physical tests on you to help identify the root of your problem. We understand pain, and are very skilled at assessing if it's muscular, skeletal or if it warrants having a doctor to further assess you. Don't worry, we'll either know how to fix you or the best professional to whom to lead you. We'll even assist you with scheduling an appointment and help guide you along your road to recovery.

Living in pain?

Do this.

If you would like a FREE Pain Screen, simply click on the link below. Fill out the brief questionnaire and email it to us, fax it, hand deliver it, or call to schedule an appointment and we will provide a copy for you to fill it out when you arrive. 

We're here to help! Guiding people on their journey towards health, wellness, and pain-free living is what we love doing most.


Your pain-free life starts today!

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