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Facing Challenges & Overcoming Together

At MAXX Physical Therapy, we focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We understand that no two people or injuries are the same, which is why we create an individualized treatment plan for each patient. As symbolized in a portrait displayed in our lobby, we want to see you healed, whole, and enjoying life completely pain free!

We have had our challenges, but like so many others in our home community, we did not let difficult times stop us. We first opened our doors in Lake Charles, LA in March of 2020 and closed them 9 days later in response to the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Several weeks later, we re-opened for business and steadily started growing. Four months after our reopening, we had to close for another 4-week period due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Laura. We regrouped and reopened a third time. Six weeks later we closed again due to Hurricane Delta. Within the same year, we also faced a historic flood and a damaging winter storm. Since then, we have grown to be a popular therapy provider with a vision for expansion and a reputation for excellence in physical therapy and sports rehabilitation.

Everyday that our doors open, our strong clinical team helps people live a higher quality, pain-free life. Are you ready to start living at your MAXX?  

We invite you to come tour a clinic, meet our therapists, request a FREE pain assessment, or simply schedule an appointment. 

Let us help you reach your MAXX potential. 


MAXX Culture

Our goal at MAXX is for you to reach your maximum strength, maximum ability, maximum agility, maximum endurance, maximum range of motion, maximum level of independence, and ultimately, your maximum potential during the short time you are with us. 

But why are there two Xs in MAXX?

Simply put, we try to put a little "exxtra" in everything we do. Above and beyond what is expected or provided elsewhere. Come to see what we mean when we say, "experience the exxtra".

MAXX  X.png

MAXX Commitment

To our employees,

MaxxPT wants to make this the best job you will ever have! We truly value you as an employee and recognize you as one of our greatest assets. For that reason, we are committed to helping you become the best you can be at whatever you are passionate about. We support you and hope to see you flourish in the season we are together. We want to help you have a well-balanced life of faith, family, friendships, fitness, fun, and of course, excellence at work. We are proud to have you on our team. Let's move forward together on a dedicated mission to heal and restore the people entrusted to us. Welcome to the family. Your voice will be heard. You are appreciated. You matter. You belong. 

You're the best!


To our customers,

We are sincerely grateful that you have chosen MaxxPT as your healthcare provider. Thank you! We are committed to making this the most productive, most efficient and absolute best rehabilitation experience for you. This is a place of healing. We care about you. Lives are touched and improved here everyday, and we want the same for you. We want to help make you stronger, faster, safer, more independent, have less pain, be better balanced, more agile, and possibly a little happier and healthier. And we like to have lots of fun along the way. Our hope is that you will one day go back to the person who sent you here and give him/her a handshake and an amazing success story. Together we win.

Thanks for coming!


To our referral sources,

Thank you for placing your confidence in MaxxPT. We are proud to serve as part of the healing path for the people under your care. We commit to treating your clients with dignity and respect. We purpose to help them achieve their goals and exceed your expectations. We will maintain good communication with you and them. We commit to treat everyone in a timely manner and to make every visit purposeful and beneficial. We will do all we can to make you look like a wise, compassionate person for sending people to us to get challenged, healed, and restored. We are committed to total excellence in all that we do for you and for those under your care. You have our gratitude.

Thanks for the love!


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