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Welcome to MAXX Physical Therapy

Our mission is to provide excellence in physical therapy 
and to help our clients reach their MAXX potential.



Start at MAXX for a faster recovery!

No physician prescription is needed to start physical therapy with most insurances (excluding Medicare). Research shows the sooner an injury receives physical therapy, the faster the recovery and the lower the overall cost of treatment.

Early intervention at MAXX can often eliminate the need for unnecessary medication, surgery or extensive imaging tests (including X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans). And if you do need to see a specialist, our therapists will refer you to the right healthcare professionals. This ensures that you receive the quality care you need, right from the beginning.


Balance Therapy

Our MAXX Balance & Vestibular program focuses on back and leg strengthening, stretching for mobility, education, and balance exercises that are both safe and challenging.

Annual PT Checkups

Are you still operating at your MAXX? If not, we can update your home exercise program or offer you expert guidance to maintain your health, safety and independence.


Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on the treatment of post-surgical conditions and the prevention of muscular and skeletal dysfunction.

Manual Therapy

A specialized form of treatment, manual therapy helps in mobilizing joints, reducing swelling, decreasing restriction, and increasing your range of motion.


Sports Therapy

We provide injury prevention, management and performance enhancement for our local community athletes as well as world-class athletes. We offer cutting-edge technology such as blood flow restriction, anti gravity training, and dry needling.

Arthritis Therapy

Those suffering from arthritic pain can benefit greatly from physical therapy. Often our patients, are able to avoid surgery, medications, and injections.


Pre-Surgical Rehab

Patients who are more physically fit before surgery generally have faster and better post-op outcomes. And... conservative measures such as physical therapy has been proven to sometimes eliminate the need for invasive procedures.

FREE Pain Assessments

We offer FREE 5 to 15-minute expert pain assessments which usually end with either a recommended home exercise program, a therapy recommendation, or assistance with scheduling an appointment with a recommended specialist.

Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm



1714 Wolf Circle, Lake Charles, LA 70605


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